Smaug The Magnificent - Prints Available

Eagle Hunter - LOTR LCG

Taskmaster - LOTR LCG

Misty Mountain Eagle - LOTR LCG

Averheim Soldiers - Warhammer LCG

Minotaur - Prints Available

Encounter On Forge - Synthicide RPG

Encounter On Forge - Synthicide RPG

The Hunt For Han Solo - STAR WARS LCG


In Siege Of Daylight - Book Cover

Spirit Wolves - Prints Available

Mon Calamari Engineer - STAR WARS RPG

41-VEX (Dr Droid) - STAR WARS RPG

William (Troll) - LOTR LCG

The Arkenstone - LOTR LCG

The Eye Of Smaug - LOTR LCG

Dracula's Guest - Prints Available

The One Ring - LOTR LCG

Phoenix - Prints Available

Witch - Warhammer RPG

Assassin - Warhammer RPG

Cruel Interrogations - STAR WARS LCG

Jabba The Hutt - STAR WARS LCG

Tiger - Personal Piece

Light And Shadow - Book Illustration

Dark Hearted Huorn - LOTR LCG

Lure Of The Ring - LOTR LCG

Hobbit Provisions - LOTR LCG